Table of Contents


Quasar Accounting

Global Settings

Entering and Editing Data

Store List

Price Zone List

Station List

Employee List

User List

Security Type List

Tax List

Group List

Sequence Numbers

Import XML File

Quasar Preferences

Store Master

Price Zone Master

Station Master

Employee Master

User Master

Security Type Master

Tax Master

Group Master

Opening Balances

Import Item History

Accounts and Ledger

Account Type List

Account List

Journal Entry

Preliminary Year End

Reconcile List



Income Statement

Report List

Trial Balance

Account Type Master

Account Master

Ledger Transfer

Final Year End

Account Reconcile

Recurring List

Recurring Transaction




Quick Cheques

Vendor Payments

Print Cheques

Customer Cheque

Pay Bills

Card File

Terms List

Patronage Group List

Patronage Worksheet List

Personal List

Send Email

To Do List

Card Adjustment

Time Clock List

Time Clock Master

Terms Master

Patronage Master

Patronage Worksheet

Personal Master

Mailing Labels

To Do Master

Card Transfer

Time Clock List


Department List

Sub-Department List

Location List

Item List

Item Adjustment List

Adjustment Reason List

Item Transfer List

Count List

Price Batch List

Promo Batch List

Price Calculation List

Label Batch List

Stock Status

Item Build

Department Master

Sub-Department Master

Location Master

Item Master

Item Adjustments

Adjustment Reason Master

Item Transfer

Count Master

Price Batch

Promo Batch

Price Calculation Master

Label Batch

Item History

Customers and Sales

Tender List

Customer Type List

Customer List

Discount List

Expense List

Customer Quote List

Sales Order List

Customer Invoice List

Customer Return List

Customer Payment

Shift List

Nosale List

Tender Adjustment

Detailed Statement

Aged Receivables

Sales History

Tender Master

Customer Type Master

Customer Master

Discount Master

Expense Master

Customer Quote

Sales Order

Customer Invoice

Customer Return

Customer Withdraw

Shift Master

Nosale Master

Tender Transfer

Print Statements

Customer Sales

Payout Master

Purchasing and Receiving

Vendor List

Order Template List

Charges List

Order List

Packing Slips

Vendor Invoice List

Claim List

Auto Order

Special Purchases

Vendor Purchases

Vendor Master

Order Template Master

Charges Master

Purchase Order

Packing Slip Master

Vendor Invoice

Claim Master

Aged Payables

On Order


Consignment (In) List

Consignment (In) Return List

Consignment (Out) List

Consignment (Out) Return List

Consignment (In) Master

Consignment (In) Return Master

Consignment (Out) Master

Consignment (Out) Return Master