Recurring Transaction


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The "Recurring Master" screen is used to create/edit a recurring transaction record and to post recurring transactions. There are transactions such as the payment of rent that recur at regular intervals. Customer billings such as cable television billings recur each month to multiple customers. By creating a Quasar recurring transaction, you will not only save time, but you will also help enure transactions are recorded in a timely manner.


Displays information about the transaction to recur.


Define the frequency of that the transaction will recur.


The posting section displays data about previous and future postings.


Click on "Post" to post the recurring transaction.

Action Icons

- Select the "Save" icon to save the changes to the recurring record.

- Select the "Undo" icon to remove any unsaved changes and display the original recurring record.

- Select the "New" icon to create a new recurring. If the open recurring record has not yet been saved, you will be prompted to save it.

- Select the "Delete" icon to delete the recurring record.

- Select the "Copy" icon to copy the contents of the recurring record to an alternate recurring record.

- Select the "Groups" icon to define the groups that the recurring will be linked to.

- Select the "OK" icon to file the record.

- Select the "Cancel" icon to cancel the changes to the record.