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The send email is an integrated function designed to simplify tasks such as sending out mass electronic statements, forwarding documents such as invoices to customers and sending personalized bulk mail for promotions and notifications.

Server Connection

Set the connection parameter provided by your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) provider. Choose the provider that best serves your business. Follow your providers recommended settings. Quasar will save these settings on the user's computer to save you having to enter them each time you wish to send an email.

Select Recipients

For regular email you can select your recipients using Quasar's standard lookup functions. These include customer, vendor, employee and personal. When you make a selection and press "Return" Quasar will prompt you to choose ether a "To" recipient or a "Cc" recipient. You can add any combination of recpient types to either the "To" or the "Cc" field. Alternatively you can add recipients manually by separating each recipient with a comma.

Personalized Mass Mail

Used to send mass mail to multiple customers in your database. This can be used as a promotion tool or as an electronic notification.>/p>

Send To

Enter the regular recipients email addresses manually or use the lookup functions to create a list of addresses. When an email is generated from one of the customer or vendor screens the appropriate email address will be entered for you.

Send Cc

Enter the copied email addresses manually or use the lookup functions to create a list of addresses.


The subject of the email.

Contents or Body

Enter the contents of email. This can be done manually, copied from a file or inserted from a template file using the "Load Body" button. A series of "Wild Cards" has been developed to fill data in for you. Simply include the "Wild Cards" in the body. The list included below should be self-explanatory:

For all email (Note- for system generated statements the store information is the "Address Store" you set in the "Print Statements" screen.)

Valid only for emailing a report initiated in one of Quasar's customer screens. (Note - the the customer first name and the last name are replaced by the full name for a business. Thus refrain from using both if emails are not specifically targeted to non-company customers.)

Valid only for emailing a report initiated in one of Quasar's vendor screens.

Valid only for emailing statements initiated in Quasar's "Print Statement" screen.

Load Body

Click on the load body button to load the email contents from a template file. You can create as many templates as you feel may be necessary. Remember to test your templates before using them with customers and vendors.

Save Body

Click on the save body button to save the contents of the body.

Add Attachment

Click on the add attachment button to select one or more attachments to add to the attachment list.

Remove Attachment

Highlight the attachment you wish to remove and click on the remove attachment button to remove it.


Click on the send button to send the email.


Click on the cancel button to cancel the email process and close the screen.