Store List


Table of Contents

The store list displays a list of physical stores (business locations) within the organization.

Filtering and Display

Use the filtering section to determine exactly what stores you wish to display and how you wish to sort them on the list.

List Table


The number assigned to the store.


The name of the store.

Price Zone

The pricing zone that the store belongs to.


The primary phone number for the store


The primary contact person at the store

NOTE: For each workstation you can change the default columns that are displayed on the list. Click on "File" at the top of the list screen. From the drop down menu select "Configure...". Use the list configuration screen to configure the columns to view on your list.

Action Icons

- Select the "New" icon to create a new store.

- Select the "Edit" icon to edit an existing high-lighted store.

- Select the "Delete" icon to delete an existing high-lighted store.

- Select the "Print" icon to print the contents of the store list to a printer.

- Select the "Export" icon to export the contents of the store list to a CSV or Excel file.

- Select the "Refresh" icon to refresh and re-display the contents of the store list.

- Select the "Close" icon to close the store list.

Auto Refresh

You can choose to update or refresh the data in the list automatically, as it is changed, or alternatively, you can choose to have the data refresh only when you click on the "Refresh" button. If speed is not an issue, you will probably choose to always auto refresh. Toggle on to auto refresh. Toggle off to refresh only on command.