Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Departments and Sub-departments

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"Master Inventory Control with Quasar's Robust Features!

At Quasar, we understand the importance of efficient inventory management. That's why we offer a comprehensive set of features designed to give you full control over your inventory:

📦 Seamless Synchronization: Our software allows you to effortlessly synchronize your products, pricing, and on-hand quantities with your WooCommerce or OpenCart online store, ensuring consistency across all sales channels.

🏬 Organized Hierarchy: With our hierarchical structure, you can categorize your inventory effectively. Departments serve as the highest level, while sub-departments nest within departments, and items are further categorized within sub-departments. This hierarchy is a powerful tool for easy item discovery, reporting, and listing.

📋 Time-Saving Defaults: We've simplified item creation by providing default information at the sub-department level. These defaults include specifying whether items will be purchased, sold, and inventoried, defining ledger account information, setting taxes and their inclusion in selling prices, and establishing target margins for items. This streamlines the process of adding new items to your inventory.

✨ Customizable Flexibility: While defaults are a time-saver, you can always customize settings at the item level, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune details to meet specific requirements.

With Quasar's inventory control features, you'll streamline operations, reduce errors, and gain greater control over your product catalog."

Margin & Profit Control

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"Maximize Profits with Quasar's Margin Control Tools!

At Quasar, we're dedicated to helping you optimize your margins for maximum profitability. Here's how our comprehensive margin control features work:

📈 Target Margin Setup: It all begins with setting target margins at the sub-department level. Define your desired profit margins to align with your business goals.

💰 Streamlined Pricing: When adding new items, Quasar automatically calculates a suggested selling price based on your target margin. Say goodbye to manual price calculations, and welcome a hassle-free way to set competitive prices.

💼 Mass Price Management: Managing prices for a large number of items is a breeze. Quasar calculates new selling prices for you, considering rounding rules and target margins. Keep your pricing strategies consistent across your inventory.

📦 Dynamic Pricing on Receiving: Quasar offers the flexibility to calculate new selling prices for items at the time of receiving. Stay adaptable and adjust prices as needed to respond to market changes.

📊 Detailed Margin Reporting: Stay informed with extensive reporting that supports your margin control efforts. Track all discounts, markdowns, and price overrides, and access comprehensive reports to make informed decisions.

With Quasar's margin control tools, you'll have the insights and automation you need to boost profits and stay competitive in the market."

Barcodes, Labels & Signs

"Craft Engaging Shelf Labels and Empower Shoppers with Price-by-Volume Comparison!

At Quasar, we understand the power of effective shelf labels and signage. We've taken it a step further by adding an innovative feature to enhance the shopping experience:

🏷️ Custom Shelf Labels: Design your own barcode shelf labels and signage effortlessly. With just a click, you can create labels tailored to your unique needs.

📊 Price-by-Volume Comparison: Now, you can include price-by-volume information on the shelf label. This valuable feature allows shoppers to easily compare the prices of similar products, ensuring they make informed purchasing decisions.

📦 Bulk Labeling Made Easy: Whether it's individual items, batches, or fresh arrivals, our system accommodates your labeling needs. Generate labels for items by department, subdepartment, brand, vendor, item group, and more.

💼 Seamless Price Changes: When conducting mass price changes or promotions, Quasar simplifies the label creation process. Ensure your pricing updates are accurately reflected on your shelf labels.

With Quasar's innovative shelf label feature, you can engage shoppers with transparent pricing information, making their shopping experience even more enjoyable."

Container Deposits & Environmemental Levies

"Quasar: Your Ultimate Solution for Container Deposits and Environmental Levies!

At Quasar, we recognize the importance of managing container deposits and environmental levies efficiently. Our software offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline these processes:

🌱 Separate Tracking: Quasar tracks container deposits and environmental levies independently, ensuring complete transparency and accuracy.

💰 Cost Breakdown: Need to break out deposits embedded in the item cost? Quasar has you covered. You can include deposits in the item's selling price as needed, simplifying pricing decisions.

📚 Ledger Control: Quasar provides robust account ledger control for deposits and levies. Manage these financial aspects with ease, maintaining financial accuracy and compliance.

With Quasar's container deposit and levy management, you'll stay in control of your financial processes, contributing to a more sustainable and organized business."

Stock Transfers

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"Unlock Seamless Stock Transfers with Quasar!

For businesses operating across multiple locations, Quasar offers a streamlined stock transfer feature that simplifies inventory management:

📦 Effortless Transfers: With Quasar, transferring stock is a breeze. Create a 'transfer out' request at one location and a corresponding 'transfer in' at the receiving location.

🔒 Secure Controls: Maintain complete control with our security-controlled 'Transfer In' process, ensuring that stock is properly received at the designated store.

🔄 Real-time Updates: Quasar updates inventory quantities at the sending store when stock is dispatched and immediately reflects changes at the receiving store upon receipt.

📊 Audit-Ready: We track in-transit inventories meticulously for audit purposes, guaranteeing transparency and accuracy in your inventory processes.

📚 Ledger Updates: Quasar ensures that all relevant ledgers are promptly updated, keeping your financial records in perfect sync.

With Quasar's stock transfer feature, you can seamlessly manage inventory across multiple locations, optimizing your operations and ensuring efficient stock movement."

Markdowns & Item Adjustment Tracking

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"Elevate Your Control Over Markdowns and Adjustments with Quasar!

At Quasar, we empower you to take charge of markdowns and adjustments, ensuring accurate financial management and reporting:

📋 Reason List: Start by creating a comprehensive list of markdown and adjustment reasons. Assign a ledger account to each reason, streamlining your financial tracking.

💲 Cost Adjustments: Easily execute cost adjustments, specifying the reason behind each change. Whether it's due to items being 'Shop Worn' or 'Damaged,' Quasar's got you covered.

📦 Quantity Adjustments: Manage quantity adjustments effortlessly and categorize them by reason. Whether it's 'Physical Inventory,' 'Theft,' or 'Defective' items, you can track these changes with precision.

📊 Margin Insights: Quasar enables you to generate reports on margin losses, providing valuable insights into your business's financial health. You can also track these losses on your financial statements, ensuring complete transparency.

With Quasar's markdown and adjustment features, you'll have full control over your financial data, allowing for more informed decision-making and accurate reporting."

Powerful Reporting

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"Unlock Unprecedented Visibility into Your Inventory and Sales with Quasar!

Quasar offers you powerful tools to gain comprehensive insights into your inventory and sales:

📈 Stock Status: Keep a close eye on the stock status of any item at any time. With just a few clicks, you can access up-to-the-minute information about your inventory levels.

📅 Sales History: Dive into the sales history of items with detailed insights available on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. Get the full picture of how your products are performing over time.

📊 Special Information Screens: Quasar's special information screens provide in-depth views of your items' sales, purchases, and adjustment activities. You can explore both summary and detailed data effortlessly.

🔄 Drill-Down Capability: Easily drill down into transactions to view the nitty-gritty details. Whether you're interested in all transactions containing specific items or want to analyze sales and purchases, Quasar has you covered.

🔍 Search and Reporting: Quickly locate any transaction involving a specific item and generate detailed reports. You can even track items purchased by specific customers or items sold to you by particular vendors.