Basic Business E-mail

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Elevate Your Email Communication with Quasar's "Send Email" Function

At Quasar, we understand the importance of seamless email communication for both promotional and everyday business activities. Our "Send Email" function empowers you to do just that. Here's how:

✉️ Effortless Setup: Once you've configured your SMTP provider in Quasar, the software remembers this information on your computer, streamlining the email-sending process.

📤 Recipient Selection: Quasar provides robust lookup and edit features to help you select recipients. Whether they're current customers, vendors, employees, or CRM contacts, finding the right contacts is a breeze. Alternatively, you can manually enter email addresses for added flexibility.

📝 Streamlined Contact Management: Utilize Quasar's lookup and edit feature to create or edit customer, vendor, employee, or CRM contact profiles effortlessly. For instance, you can seamlessly add a recipient's email address to your database for future correspondence.

📎 Attachment Control: Attachments are a cinch with Quasar. Add or remove attachments as needed to ensure your emails include all the necessary documents or files.

💌 Email Templates: Save time with Quasar's email body templates. We've predefined numerous wildcards for you to incorporate into your email content, making email creation and sending faster and more efficient.

Quasar's "Send Email" function empowers you to communicate effectively, whether you're engaging in marketing campaigns, sending important updates, or simply staying in touch with your network. Elevate your email game with Quasar today!

Transaction Specific Email

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Effortless Transaction Communication with Quasar's E-mail Integration

With Quasar, sharing transaction details with specific customers or vendors has never been easier. Here's how our streamlined process works:

📩 Send Directly from Transactions: In any transaction, simply click on the E-mail icon. Quasar will instantly generate a PDF report of the transaction.

📧 Customize Your Email: Quasar will then take you to the email composition screen, where you can personalize the email subject and craft your message. Whether you're sending a customer quote, order, invoice, return, or payment, Quasar's flexible system allows for one predefined email body that can be used across transaction types.

📎 Automatic Attachments: The generated PDF report will be automatically attached to the email, saving you time and ensuring all necessary transaction details are included.

✉️ Efficient Wildcard Use: Quasar supports handy wildcards like @CurrentDate@, @TransactionType@, @TransactionNumber@, and @CustomerFullName@. These can be seamlessly integrated into your email body, further streamlining your communication process.

With Quasar's E-mail Integration, you can effortlessly share transaction information, enhance customer and vendor communication, and save time on administrative tasks. Experience the convenience of our user-friendly platform today!

Mass Email Customer Statements

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Effortless Electronic Customer Statements with Quasar

Say goodbye to the hassle of generating and mailing customer statements! Quasar simplifies the process by allowing you to send statements electronically to customers who prefer this method. Here's how it works:

📧 Push-Button Convenience: For customers who have opted for electronic statements, sending their statements is as easy as pushing a button.

📝 Personalize Your Email: Tailor your statement's email body by embedding dynamic wildcards like @CustomerFirstName@. This personal touch enhances your customer communication.

💌 Create Multiple Email Bodies: Quasar offers the flexibility to create multiple email body templates for different occasions. Whether it's a standard statement or a special announcement, you're covered.

✉️ Rich Text Options: Craft professional-looking emails with ease. Quasar supports both plain text and rich text formatting, allowing you to send out polished, well-designed emails.

📎 Attached PDF Statements: Each email includes a PDF copy of the customer's statement as an attachment. This ensures that all necessary account details are readily accessible to your customers.

🔒 Privacy Protection: To safeguard sensitive information, most fields in the email screen are disabled when sending statements, ensuring your customer data remains secure.

With Quasar's electronic statement feature, you can streamline your statement distribution process, improve customer interactions, and maintain data security. Experience the convenience of modern statement management today!

Mass Email Notifications or Promo Material

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Effortless Email Campaigns with Quasar

Engage with your customers effectively by sending out promotional or public notices through email. Quasar simplifies the process, allowing you to target specific customer groups or customer types who have consented to receive email communications. Here's how it works:

✉️ Select Your Audience: Choose the specific customer group or customer type you want to reach out to with your promotional message. This ensures your email campaigns are targeted and relevant.

📝 Create Custom Email Content: Craft your email content either manually or by loading a predefined email body from your library. Quasar offers flexibility in designing your messages.

🌟 Personalize Your Message: Enhance customer engagement by embedding dynamic wildcards into your email body. These wildcards enable you to address each customer personally, making your communications more effective.

📎 Attach Relevant Files: Include one or more attachments to your email, ensuring all customers within the selected group receive the same supplementary materials or information.

With Quasar's email campaign feature, you can streamline your customer communications, deliver personalized messages, and share important information with ease. Experience the power of targeted email marketing today!