eCommerce Interface

eCommerce Interface (WooCommerce & OpenCart)

Why interface Quasar to your eCommerce site?

Export categories, items and orders to your web store using WooCommerce Rest API
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"Seamless Data Integration Between Your eCommerce Store and Quasar!

Experience effortless data flow between your WooCommerce or OpenCart eCommerce platform and Quasar with our robust data import and export capabilities. With Quasar, you can import and export categories, items, on-hand quantities, promotions, and even orders, creating a harmonious link between your online and retail operations.

🔄 Bidirectional Data Transfer: Quasar facilitates smooth two-way data synchronization, ensuring your information remains up to date across platforms. Import essential data from your eCommerce site into Quasar, and export relevant details back effortlessly.

📊 Leverage Quasar's Accounting: Maximize the power of Quasar's advanced accounting features to streamline your financial processes. Enjoy comprehensive control over your financial data with seamless integration.

📦 Optimize Purchasing and Receiving: Quasar's efficient purchasing and receiving functions make managing inventory a breeze. Sync your eCommerce data with Quasar to enhance your inventory management processes.

📈 Harness Robust Reporting: Unleash the full potential of Quasar's reporting functions to gain valuable insights into your business. Track sales trends, analyze customer preferences, and optimize your strategies for maximum profitability.

📦 Expedite Order Picking: Seamlessly integrate Quasar's order picking functions into your eCommerce operations. Effortlessly fulfill customer orders with accuracy and speed.

📊 Elevate Inventory Control: Utilize Quasar's comprehensive inventory control functions to maintain optimal stock levels and ensure product availability when and where it's needed.

Quasar's integration capabilities provide a holistic solution for businesses with both online and brick-and-mortar presence. Whether you primarily operate online or combine eCommerce with retail, Quasar empowers you to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth."

WooCommerce Interface

Export categories, items and orders to your web store using WooCommerce Rest API
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"Effortlessly Integrate Your WooCommerce Store with Quasar!

With our Quasar WooCommerce plugin, seamlessly import categories, items, and orders from your WooCommerce store to Quasar. Our plugin leverages the WooCommerce Rest API, ensuring a smooth and secure data transfer process. A Quasar virtual client operates in the background, continuously updating crucial information such as regular prices, promotional prices, stock on hand, and more.

Once your WooCommerce data is within Quasar, unlock the full potential of our feature-rich platform to enhance your store management:

🔄 Automated Data Updates: Define your update frequency parameters, allowing Quasar to synchronize data at your convenience. Keep your information current and accurate with ease.

📦 Streamlined Order Management: Effortlessly export WooCommerce orders to Quasar, centralizing your order processing for efficient fulfillment and customer service.

📱 Mobile Inventory Control: Embrace the power of the QuasarReach app to perform various tasks on the go. Conduct physical inventory counts, pick web orders, receive incoming products in your warehouse, and much more, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

📊 Comprehensive Inventory Management: Harness Quasar's robust inventory control features to optimize your operations. Generate supplier orders, manage markdowns, adjust prices, and oversee promotions effortlessly.

📈 In-Depth Reporting: Utilize Quasar's extensive reporting capabilities to gain valuable insights into your business. Analyze product sales by customer, track margins, monitor purchases, and keep a close eye on inventory quantities.

With Quasar's WooCommerce integration, you can seamlessly bridge your online and offline operations, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and growth for your business."

OpenCart Interface

Export categories, items and orders to your web store using WooCommerce Rest API
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"Seamlessly Integrate Your OpenCart Store with Quasar!

Our innovative Quasar virtual client operates discreetly in the background, facilitating seamless communication between the Quasar server and your OpenCart database. This virtual client is tirelessly dedicated to updating critical data, including prices, product details, stock levels, and much more. The frequency of these updates is entirely customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs.

Key Features of Our Integration:

🔄 Automated Data Synchronization: Define the update intervals that work best for you, ensuring that your OpenCart and Quasar data are consistently aligned and up to date.

📦 Streamlined Order Processing: Effortlessly export OpenCart orders into Quasar, streamlining your order management and ensuring prompt fulfillment.

📱 Mobile Inventory Control: Leverage the QuasarReach app for efficient mobile inventory operations. Conduct physical stock counts, fulfill web orders, receive incoming warehouse products, and more, all while on the move.

📊 Robust Inventory Management: Maximize operational efficiency with Quasar's comprehensive inventory control features. Generate supplier orders, handle markdowns, adjust pricing, optimize margins, and enhance profitability effortlessly.

📈 Insightful Reporting: Harness the power of Quasar's in-depth reporting capabilities to gain actionable insights. Analyze product sales by customer, track margins, monitor purchases, and maintain precise control over inventory quantities.

By integrating your OpenCart store with Quasar, you'll bridge the gap between your online and offline operations, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and sustainable growth for your business."