Quasar Point-of-Sale

Quasar Point-of-Sale


Quasar Accounting is here to revolutionize the way you do business. Say goodbye to outdated cash registers and hello to cutting-edge Point-of-Sale (POS) software that will supercharge your retail operations and boost your sales to new heights.

🚀 Why Choose Quasar Accounting for Your Retail Management Needs?

🌟 Seamless Sales Experience: Our POS software is designed to make every transaction smooth and efficient. With lightning-fast processing times, your customers will be in and out of your store in no time, leaving them with a positive impression and more likely to return.

💡 Intelligent Inventory Management: Tired of manual stocktaking and inventory headaches? Our software automates the process, ensuring you never run out of top-selling products and can make data-driven decisions to optimize your product offerings.

📊 Real-time Analytics: Knowledge is power, and with our comprehensive analytics tools, you'll gain valuable insights into your business. Identify sales trends, customer preferences, and peak shopping hours, enabling you to fine-tune your strategies for maximum profitability.

💰 Boosted Sales: Our POS system isn't just a transaction tool; it's a sales powerhouse. With built-in upselling and cross-selling features, your staff can effortlessly increase average order values, driving your revenue higher.

🔒 Security You Can Trust: Protecting your customers' sensitive information is paramount. Our POS software is equipped with state-of-the-art security features to ensure every transaction is safe and secure.

🤝 Customer Relationship Management: Build lasting relationships with your customers through our CRM tools. Send personalized promotions, loyalty rewards, and targeted marketing campaigns to keep them coming back for more.

Join the retail revolution with Quasar Accounting! Maximize your sales potential, streamline your operations, and stay ahead of the competition. Get started today and watch your business thrive like never before. Your success is our mission!

Standard Features

Discover the Future of Retail Management with Quasar Point-of-Sale Software!

🚀 Discover the Future of Retail Management with Quasar Point-of-Sale Software!

Welcome to a new era of retail excellence, powered by Quasar's cutting-edge Point-of-Sale (POS) software. Revolutionize your business operations and skyrocket your sales with the following key features:

🔍 Bar-code Scanning: Quasar simplifies data entry with seamless integration of multiple bar-code scanners, ensuring lightning-fast transactions.

⚖️ Scales and Tare: Say goodbye to manual calculations as Quasar effortlessly handles scanner/scales and deducts specified tare weights.

💳 Multiple Tenders: Customize your payment options with ease. Define user-specific tender limits, second receipt requirements, and cash drawer control for a tailored checkout experience.

⌨️ Keyboard Layout: Design your keyboard layout to optimize workflow, placing functions where they suit you best. Consider a specialized point-of-sale keyboard for added convenience.

🔄 Multiple Transaction Types: Quasar empowers your point-of-sale workstation to create various transaction types, from sales and returns to cash handling and customer account management.

💰 Discounts: Boost your sales strategy with flexible discount options, including percentage and dollar discounts on individual lines or entire transactions.

📊 Tax Controls: Handle tax complexities effortlessly. Quasar supports tax-included and tax-extra pricing, exemptions by line or transaction, and automatic customer tax exemption for seamless tax management.

💼 Suspend and Resume: Never miss a sale! Suspend and resume transactions at your convenience, even across multiple devices within your network.

💲 Price Adjustment: Correct pricing errors swiftly and respond to competitive situations by easily changing prices on the fly.

🏬 Open Departments: Streamline department tracking with open department keys, ensuring accurate recording and categorization of sales.

👤 Supervisor and Manager Overrides: Empower supervisors and managers to make necessary overrides for credit limits, credit holds, and tender limits, ensuring smooth operations.

🏷️ Price Checks: Elevate customer service by enabling cashiers to quickly check item prices via scanning or item number entry.

🔄 Reprints: Stay prepared for any situation. Reprint current or completed transactions when needed, ensuring seamless customer interactions.

📜 Detailed Tender List: Keep a close eye on your tenders with detailed lists, perfect for end-of-shift comparisons and financial reporting.

📈 X-Readings and Z-Ringoffs: Stay on top of your sales and tenders with reading functions. Close cashier shifts effortlessly and manage transactions and tenders efficiently.

🔧 Modifiers: Enhance your products with modifiers, whether it's adding or removing toppings from a pizza or customizing items to meet customer preferences.

🔍 Serial Number Tracking: Ensure product traceability and include serial numbers on receipts for improved inventory management.

🚀 Fast and Efficient Item Lookup: Speed up the checkout process with our lightning-fast item lookup feature.

With Quasar's comprehensive POS software, you'll transform your retail business into a seamless, efficient, and customer-focused operation. Elevate your sales, streamline your processes, and take control of your retail destiny. Quasar is your partner for success in the world of retail management!

Data Storage Redundancy

Experience Uninterrupted Sales with Quasar Point-of-Sale Software!

At Quasar, we understand that every second of downtime in your retail business can cost you valuable sales and customer trust. That's why our Point-of-Sale (POS) software comes equipped with innovative features to ensure your operations run seamlessly, no matter the circumstances.

🔌 Always-On Performance: Each Quasar point-of-sale workstation maintains its own internal database, guaranteeing that your business keeps running even in the rare event of a server or network failure.

📶 Effortless Offline Mode: Should your network connection drop, rest assured that Quasar's POS stations won't skip a beat. All transactions are stored locally on the workstation, allowing you to continue serving customers without interruptions.

🌐 Automatic Recovery: Quasar is designed to be smart. When the network is restored, our POS stations automatically go back online, seamlessly transmitting the stored offline transactions to the server. Your business remains efficient, and you won't miss a single sale.

🔋 Power Failure Protection: In the unlikely event of a complete power failure, your data is safe and sound. Quasar ensures that all your transactions are saved up to the very last second before your device shuts down. When the power is restored and your device is turned back on, the transaction is swiftly rebuilt, minimizing any potential disruptions to your business.

With Quasar's Point-of-Sale software, your retail business gains the advantage of uninterrupted sales and data protection, providing peace of mind and reliability that your customers and your bottom line will appreciate. Join us and keep your business thriving, no matter what challenges come your way!


Security Levels

"Empower Your Business with Triple-Tiered Security and Unleash the Full Potential of Quasar Point-of-Sale!"

At Linux Canada, we believe that security is the cornerstone of successful retail management. With Quasar's Point-of-Sale (POS) software, we've taken security to the next level, providing you with not one, not two, but three layers of robust security features that will not only safeguard your business but also supercharge your operational control.

🔒 Triple-Tiered Security: Quasar's POS is fortified with a triple-tiered security system that empowers you to customize access controls to your exact requirements. You have the freedom to determine who can perform specific functions within your POS system, ensuring that sensitive operations remain in trusted hands.

🔐 Cashier-Specific Access: We understand the importance of accountability. Each cashier is assigned a unique cashier ID and password, guaranteeing that only authorized personnel gain access to the system. With individual logins, you maintain full control over who can operate your POS, reducing the risk of unauthorized actions.

🛡️ Tailored Functionality: Take control of your operations like never before. Want to prevent cashiers from post voiding transactions or giving discounts without proper authorization? With Quasar, you have the power to tailor the functionality of your POS, aligning it with your business policies and security protocols.

🚀 Operational Efficiency: Security doesn't mean sacrificing efficiency. Quasar's security features work seamlessly with your day-to-day operations, ensuring that while you're protecting your business, you're also enhancing its productivity.

💼 Unleash Potential: By securing your POS at every level, you create an environment of trust and reliability. Boost cashier accountability, streamline your operations, and safeguard your revenue, all while providing your customers with a seamless and secure shopping experience.

With Quasar Point-of-Sale, you're not just getting software; you're getting peace of mind. Elevate your business security, operational control, and overall success with Quasar. Join us in the future of retail management, where security is your key to prosperity!


Special Features

Unlock More Sales Opportunities with Quasar's Enhanced Features!

🌟 Customer Loyalty Program: Maximize customer engagement and boost sales with Quasar's Loyalty Program. Assign loyalty points to your customers, rewarding their ongoing support. Customers can easily earn discounts based on their accumulated points, keeping them coming back for more and increasing your sales revenue.

🎁 Gift Cards: Increase your revenue streams with Quasar's Gift Cards feature. Sell customers serial-number-tracked gift cards and effortlessly track the remaining balance as they're redeemed at the point-of-sale. It's not just a gift; it's the gift of choice, ensuring repeat business and higher sales volumes.

💳 Store Credits: Enhance customer satisfaction while optimizing your sales strategy. Quasar offers the ability to issue serial-tracked store credits for returned products. Seamlessly track these credits as they're redeemed, creating a positive shopping experience and maintaining strong customer relationships that drive future sales.

🛒 Transaction Management: Take control of every transaction with Quasar's intuitive tools. Browse and edit transactions effortlessly. Change quantities, add discounts, edit prices, alter product descriptions, and even add or delete product modifiers. With Quasar, you have the power to tailor each transaction to perfection, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing sales potential.

Quasar's feature-rich Point-of-Sale software isn't just about transactions; it's about creating exceptional customer experiences, driving loyalty, and ultimately increasing your sales revenue. Elevate your business with Quasar and watch your sales soar!

Product Matrix

"Experience the Power of Quasar's Product Matrix – Your Shortcut to Effortless Sales!"

With Quasar Point-of-Sale, we're not just transforming the way you sell; we're revolutionizing it. Our game-changing Product Matrix feature is designed to supercharge your sales, making every transaction not just efficient but also a breeze for your cashiers.

🛒 Dynamic Product Matrix: Quasar's Product Matrix isn't just any matrix; it's a dynamic powerhouse. You can create up to eight matrices, each capable of accommodating a whopping 48 items. It's like having a virtual shopping aisle at your fingertips!

🌐 Matrix Customization: Tailor your matrix strategy to fit your store's unique layout and sales stations. Whether you want all your point-of-sale devices to share the same matrix or prefer each device to have its own, Quasar gives you the flexibility to decide what works best for your business.

🖐️ Effortless Sales: Selling has never been this easy. With Quasar's Product Matrix, your cashiers simply touch a matrix and select the item they want to sell. It's that straightforward! No more fumbling through menus or scrolling through endless lists – just a single touch, and the transaction is underway.

💨 Fast and Efficient: When it comes to fast-moving items, speed is the name of the game. Quasar's Product Matrix ensures that selling these items is lightning-fast and incredibly efficient. Your customers will appreciate the swift service, and you'll enjoy higher sales volumes.

🚀 Boosted Productivity: Quasar's Product Matrix isn't just about making sales easier; it's about boosting productivity. With a streamlined sales process, your cashiers can serve more customers in less time, ensuring that you make the most of every business hour.

💼 Focus on What Matters: By simplifying the sales process, Quasar's Product Matrix allows your cashiers to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional customer service and creating memorable shopping experiences that drive customer loyalty and repeat business.

Quasar Point-of-Sale with the Product Matrix feature is your ticket to faster, more efficient, and more profitable sales. Join us in the future of retail management, where selling is a breeze, and success is just a touch away!