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Quasar point-of-sale – when downtime is simply not an option.

Quasar point-of-sale – when downtime is simply not an option.

Unless you have a single computer that runs your point-of-sale, your server and your client you rely heavily on either a wide area network or on a local network. You rely on your server computer and you rely on your point-of-sale device. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done if your point-of-sale devices dies.

So what is important:

  1.  Make sure that your point-of-sale transactions are been written in real time to your database. Quasar does just that! That protects your valuable data that otherwise may be lost if point-of-sale device has issues.
  2. Make sure that you can continue to serve and sell to your customers should something happen to your network or your server. Quasar does just that! Quasar Point-of-Sale has a built in database. On a regular basis you can update this local database ensuring customer information, items and pricing is always current. In online mode, all data is retrieved directly from the server. In offline mode, the point-of-sale uses it’s internal database and continues on selling. The point-of-sale will continuously try to re-connect to the server. On connection all transactions saved locally will automatically be uploaded to the server with no data loss.
  3. Make sure that you backup your database both onsite and offsite. Quasar has a tool to do just that. If the server goes down you can recover your data from the backup, upload the transactions from the point-of-sale and carry on.

Peace of mind is a huge plus!