QuasarReach Count


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The count function is used to take physical inventory. A count, when saved from QuasarReach, creates a count that can be viewed and processed in your Quasar Client. Some key features include:


As displayed above, this section is to set the general information for the count and to save or cancel the count.

Count No

The number to be assigned to the count. The default is "#". This causes the server to assign the next available count sequence number.


A brief description of the count.


The current date.


The current store.


The current location. Add a location only if you are counting just the item/items in one location.

Save Count

Click on the "Save Count" button to save your count to the server.


Click on the "Cancel" button to cancel your count and delete all counted items.

Add Items

This section is where you add items to the count.

Item No

Scan or enter the number for the item to count.


The item description is added when the item number is entered.

Item Size

Defaults to the item's sell size. Change if required by clicking on the combobox and selecting a size.

Count Qty

Enter the number of units counted.

Add Button

Click on the "Add" button to add the item to the count.

Cancel Button

Click on the "Cancel" button cancel the current entry.


This section is where you view and edit your count. Displayed is the item description, the count quantity and the size. You can edit a count quantity or change the size as may be required. You can also delete a specific line count or delete the last item counted.

Count Saved

After the count is saved you can view your count in your Quasar Client. For more information on the count process click here